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Payers: Prepare for COVID-19

Actuarial & Healthcare Finance Solutions

Cerebrae is an actuarial software company using deep subject matter and engineering expertise to solve financial and operational risk management problems within the healthcare industry.

All participants in the healthcare ecosystem face increasing financial and operational risk, requiring the same capabilities as healthcare insurance companies. Talk to us today about how Cerebrae can help.

Product Highlights

Financial Business Case Modeler

Providers can demonstrate multi-year savings and ROI for their services, fast-tracking customer due diligence and improving sales conversion rates by 2-3x. Payers can evaluate the financial opportunity of various provider programs using a standardized model.

Benchmark Explorer

Generate and produce clinical cost and utilization benchmarks across commercial and Medicare populations to inform operational and strategic business decisions.

Support Areas

Benefits Brokers & Consultants

Cerebrae enhances your client service capabilities by including a broad range of actuarial and analytics services.

Digital Health & Specialty Care

Digital health companies attempting to innovate and disrupt traditional care delivery need the ability to price, monitor, and communicate the value of their products through an insurance lens.

Provider Systems & Hospitals

Provider systems increasingly assume financial risk for a pool of covered lives, necessitating the same actuarial and financial management capabilities as large insurers.

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Prepare for the Financial Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 plus recession risk will put pressure on self-insured employers to plan for the impact of coronavirus on monthly medical expenses.

Cerebrae has prepared a cost estimation simulator which will continuously update as more information and data becomes available.

Brokers, consultants, and benefits/finance executives at self-insured employers email us at covid@cerebrae.com to receive updates or learn more about the tool.


Frank Cheung, FSA, MAAA

Frank Cheung, FSA, MAAA

Actuarial & Analytics

Frank is a health actuary with over 13 years of experience in the health and insurance industry. He has held positions at Deloitte Consulting, Blue Shield of California, and most recently was the Director of Analytics at Collective Health.

Thomas Bedington

Thomas Bedington

Engineering & Data Science

Thomas brings 18 years of software, data science, and consulting experience to Cerebrae. He previously was a Senior Engineering Lead at Collective Health, and before that a Data Scientist at Blue Shield of California.

Career Tracks

We're looking for talented people to join the team. Start the conversation early and message us if you're interested in learning more about opportunities:



Actuaries work closely with engineering to develop actuarial software and partner with customers to help them integrate Cerebrae software solutions and prototype new capabilities.

Software Engineer

Full-stack engineers building applications using Go, Javascript and Python. Skilled backend/frontend devs who are interested in working full-stack are also welcome.

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